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Parametric curves by[R-D]

La mia arte matematica. Queste figure ricordano vecchi merletti, solo che sono ottenute attraverso  equazioni.


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[BRDG019] HiDM2_9

Probably the best Japanese internet culture music video you will see today, put together by BRDG - video embedded below:

Music : umio
Video : Yasuyuki Yoshida
Performer : yaming
Camera : Yusaku Aoki


H/T to gifaf

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Cooking in Section: Capturing the Energy of Food

Nathan Myhrvold's brainchild, the 2,438 six-volume Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, is known as much for its rigorous breakdowns of culinary techniques as its awe-inspiring photography. According to the ex-Microsoft executive, he wanted the images to reflect the book’s singular, scientific approach to cooking. The photographs, like the recipes, reveal the magic behind cooking—the energy and processes we normally don’t see. For one trick in particular—the architectural section views of food as it is being prepared—Myhrvold actually employs a band saw to cut his equipment in half. In fact, Myhrvold’s kitchen also has its own full-fledged machine shop where microwave ovens, pots, blenders, and even stoves are sawed in half. To keep food contained in the half-appliances, pieces of Plexiglass are applied to the edges. Wanting to capture the real chemistry, Myhrvold notes that in almost every case the food you see cooking and being prepared is real—not added in post-processing.

wait hold up this crazy motherfucker has a bandsaw in his kitchen and he prepares food in expensive cookware and stops midway just to cut them in half and somehow perfectly? like how does food not fly around everywhere from the roughness of the bandsaw teeth? I DON’T UNDERSTAND

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The movement of a single particle in an Ocean wave


The movement of a single particle in an Ocean wave

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Greeting everyone! The Solar Decathlon Assembly Period has officially begun!

Over the next ten days our team will transform an empty lot by the grounds of Versailles to the house and landscape of Techstyle Haus. Working in shifts of eight hours each, people will be on site 24/7 to assemble the house from ground up. Meanwhile, out in our new warehouse people will also continue prepping and applying finish work to various components to ensure they will be prepared once they arrive on site later this week.

In these busy times, we will kindly blow up your inboxes and newsfeeds with updates of our progress a few times a week. Please cheer us on by liking us on facebook and following us on twitter. If you’re ever in need of a vacation spot, Techstyle Haus will be open to the public on June 28!



  • Survey the site
  • Install the steel footings
  • Install the insulated floor pallets


  • Build decking and railing
  • Consult with MEP expert
  • Test and install appliances
  • Apply finish work to the core
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mr. & mrs. milkovich + their cute pet names for each other ♥ 

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Seats made of foam dipped in rubber by Jo Nagasaka

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"Just because your pain is understandable, doesn’t mean your behavior is acceptable."
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience (via derikisu)

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Enchanting Forests In The World

gorgeous photos. hideous typeface.

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the only thing funnier than this video are the comments on it

Why is this funny? These woman are assholes.

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